What do all your healthy hotspots worldwide have in common? The dreamy bohemian style where natural elements are mixed with luxurious details. Shibiza Deco is the webshop for accessories and furniture in the characteristic bohemian style that you see in Tulum, Bali and Ibiza. Rattan combined with matte black white. With a touch of silver or gold. Shibiza Deco knows exactly what you want. That one rattan lamp you've been looking for for so long? Shibiza Deco has hem. Or how about that round mirror with feathers? The webshop is filled with the most beautiful products from natural materials such as, rattan, jute, shell or bamboo.

Shirley van Rijn, born in the Netherlands, meets her great love in Bali when she is on a world trip. The love is so strong that when they come home they moved to Ibiza. Because Bali always remains a special place for the lovebirds, they come back every winter. As interior stylists, they hop from island to island to gain inspiration. Together they have furnished various villas, apartments and a hotel in a tasteful fusion style. A mix of Bali, Tulum and Ibiza: that no one else knows how to combine as magically as Shirley van Rijn.

The furniture and accessories in the characteristic bohemian style can be ordered via www.shibizadeco.com or visit the showroom in Ibiza. It is also possible to have your home of gastronomic occasion styled by Shibiza Deco.